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The Ministry of science and technology organizes and holds a consultation and demonstration meeting

The Ministry of science and technology organizes and holds a consultation and demonstration meeting on the special planning of medical devices

In order to formulate a scientific and effective scientific and technological development plan for the medical device industry, the Ministry of science and technology organized a consultation and demonstration meeting in Beijing on May 12, 2011 to conduct expert consultation and argumentation on the special plan for the scientific and technological development of the medical device industry (hereinafter referred to as the plan) organized and prepared by the alliance.

The consultation and demonstration expert group is composed of a number of strategic experts from the Counselor's office of the State Council, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Academy of science and technology development strategy, the Department of medical devices of the food and drug administration, the Department of planning and materials of the Ministry of health and the China Medical Equipment Association. Representatives of China Medical Device Industry Association, Biomedical Engineering Society and other alliance units and experts of planning team attended the meeting.

Yang Zhe, deputy director general of the Ministry of science and technology, presided over the meeting. Zhang Zhaofeng, director general, reported to the consulting and demonstration expert group the urgent needs for the scientific and technological development of the medical device industry, the research on the technological development trend and the current situation of the industry, the planning ideas, objectives and guarantee measures, etc., and introduced in detail the key technologies, key products and task layout to be breakthrough and developed in the 12th Five Year Plan.

The experts at the meeting listened to the planning report, reviewed the planning and strategic research report, and had a full discussion. They agreed that the planning fully reflected the deployment of the national medium and long term plan for science and technology development. The research work of the planning working group was solid and in-depth, with sufficient data, scientific and clear development ideas, clear target design, full discussion, reasonable task layout, and strong The feasibility and operability of the system is of great significance to the scientific and technological development of the medical device industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period. The expert group agreed on the plan, and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions on the setting of technical indicators, the construction of innovation system and safeguard measures.

China's medical device industry ushers in the golden age

The 23rd International Medical Equipment Exhibition will be held in Beijing National Convention Center from March 25 to 27. The exhibition area will reach 30000 square meters, with 550 exhibitors and 26000 visitors.

According to Frost & Sulivan, a market research company, the whole medical instrument and equipment market in China is expected to double to US $53.7 billion between now and 2015. From 2009 to 2011, it is estimated that the government will invest US $124 billion in medical reform, especially in 2011, the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, which will realize the comprehensive coverage of the basic medical security system, and this will be a milestone year for China's medical reform. Data shows that by 2011, China's medical and health industry will be the third largest in the world.

According to the exhibition data of the global medical industry, the world medical industry has also maintained a stable development, and the exhibition scale has maintained growth, especially the exhibition scale of Chinese exhibitors has increased year by year. This also reflects the development and progress of China's medical industry in recent years. As a result, China's medical device industry also ushered in a golden period of development.

It is understood that as a grand event of China's medical equipment industry, the highlight of the 23rd International Medical Equipment Exhibition is that the exhibitors of famous medical industry enterprises will bring the latest products to the exhibition. Among them, Toshiba will display the latest 640 slice "aquilionone" for cardiovascular disease diagnosis, with faster scanning speed, less radiation dose and developer usage, and clearer image. Mutual benefit between the United States and China will bring the "Da Vinci surgical robot" system jointly developed by the U.S. aerospace administration and other U.S. companies to the exhibition

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