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Blood collection process of soft connection blood collection needle

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1. Please tighten the connection between the hose and the needle seat 180 degrees clockwise to avoid vacuum or blood leakage during blood collection;

2. The main vein, which was thick and straight, was selected for venipuncture;

3. After the successful puncture, the puncture needle of the tube plug is vertically inserted into the rubber plug of the blood collection vessel until it penetrates. When the blood rises to the mark scale, the required blood collection volume is achieved;

4. After blood collection, the blood collection vessels containing additives were gently reversed and mixed for 5-6 times;

5. The above operations can be repeated when multi tube blood collection is required.

6. When the distance of the last tube is close to the mark scale of the required blood volume, loosen the vein belt, pull out the vein puncture needle, let the blood in the hose flow into the blood collection vessel, and then pull out the tube plug puncture needle.

7. After blood collection, put the needle in the recycling box.

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