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Sample hemolysis analysis

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a. When the syringe is used to transfer the blood to the vacuum blood collection vessel, the syringe needle is not removed, and the blood cells are squeezed and hemolyzed by external force.

b. It is not allowed to probe the tip of the needle in the vein to cause hemolysis in the first tube.

c. When the sample is evenly mixed, the force is too large or the sample vibrates violently during transportation.

d. Blood was drawn from the vein that had a hematoma.

e. Insufficient blood collection results in high concentration of additives and hemolysis of blood cells due to change of osmotic pressure.

f. When the syringe is taking blood, the needle is not tightly connected and the air enters, causing bubbles and hemolysis.

g. Blood was collected before the alcohol was sterilized, because the alcohol entered the blood sample through the pinhole, resulting in hemolysis.

h. When centrifuging, the blood clots are peeled off with bamboo sticks or the temperature in the centrifuge is too high or too low.

i. When the vacuum is too large, the remaining vacuum pressure in the tube will cause the blood cells to rupture.

j. The negative pressure of the vacuum tube is relatively large. At the beginning of blood collection, the speed of blood flowing into the bottom of the tube is too fast, and the red blood cells collide with each other to cause rupture.

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