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Chairman's speech


Dear family:

We sincerely thank you for choosing Shenyang Baokang Bioengineering Co., Ltd. your joining is not only your harvest, but also our honor. Baokang is proud of having you.

Baokang company, founded in 2009, is a professional medical device manufacturer engaged in the research and development, production and sales of medical test products. At present, the company's products on the market include: disposable vacuum blood collection vessel, blood analyzer reagent, disposable sterile culture dish, cleaning solution, etc. with the acceleration of the company's innovation ability, the continuous extension of industrial chain, and the acceleration of market growth, higher requirements are put forward for the construction of talent team. In order to enable more ambitious people to join Baokang, the company will provide each member with a good business platform, equal opportunities for promotion, professional business training and all possible support and services. I believe that Baokang, a warm family, will surely let you show your strengths and reap your dreams.

In order to help you quickly understand Baokang, integrate into Baokang and love Baokang, we have carefully prepared the management manual of Shenyang Baokang Bioengineering Co., Ltd., through which we hope to help you adapt to the environment as soon as possible, grasp the policy, find the right position, clarify your responsibilities, meet new friends and develop new achievements.

No pains, no gains. We believe that with your wisdom and courage, innovation and responsibility, loyalty and diligence, we will be able to create outstanding performance, influence and drive all Baokang families to work together to jointly drive Baokang, a giant ship, to bravely move forward and create a beautiful future belonging to Baokang people!

Best wishes!

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